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  • Our environmental commitments

    Our environmental commitments

    Since its inception, Degré 7 has distinguished itself by offering innovative, functional products tailored to the needs of skiers.

    Each year, the brand also commits to an eco-responsible approach by using sustainable materials and reducing its environmental footprint.

    Goals that align with the brand's values

    Innovation, creativity and environnemental respect are at the core of the brand's values.

    For the winter season of 2022, 30% of the collection utilizes recycled polyester fibers for both interior insulation and the main material of its clothing range. By 2025, the aim is to offer 80% eco-designed products.

    This represents a long-term evolution for Degré 7, which aims to establish itself within a sustainable framework.

    Quality recycled materials

    The transformation from a plastic bottle to a recycled garment occurs in several stages:

    1. You dispose of and sort your plastic bottles, which are then reused.

    2. The bottles are crushed into small flakes.

    3. The flakes are further crushed into granules.

    4. The granules are melted to form a filament.

    5. The filament is woven into fabric, ultimately creating a recycled garment.

    Committed partners

    Being respectful demands unwavering consistency and rigor. The sharing of values regarding respect is maintained at all levels, both internally and externally, with industrial partners.

    Degré 7 collaborates with suppliers holding the following certifications, which help better manage environmental impact and improve working conditions